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Big Blitz EP Cover Art

Our self-titled debut EP was recoded at Cobblesound Recording Company in New Kensington, PA on August 15 & 17, 2017.  All tracks on this EP were recorded as full, live-pass performances. During the recording session, we recorded a total of nine songs. For this EP, we selected our five favorite recordings.


All songs on this EP were written in early 2017 and previously performed at various venues and busking locations in the Pittsburgh area.  Many of these songs started with a single riff or idea that expanded musically over time through improvisation and live performance to create a full track. Once we completed a song, we chose a name that we felt fit the music.  The only exception to this process was the creation of “We Love The French,” where the name was thought up first and the song followed.  (None of us have actually been to France, by the way.)


The cover photo was assembled and photographed in the garage where we mainly rehearse. It is a collage of many of our instruments, broken drumsticks from long hours of rehearsing, and items placed in the picture that represent the names of each of the five songs.

The EP can be found on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play MusicYouTube Music, Spotify, and many other digital download and streaming sites.

We hope you enjoy it.

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