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Big Blitz

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA   

Founded: 2016

Members: 3

Genres: Electronic, Nu jazz, Dance, Rock



Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Big Blitz combines jazz, rock, and electronic musical influences to create their own dynamic sound. Brothers Lucas Ciesielski (Tenor Sax, Bari Sax) and Mason Ciesielski (Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Synthesizers) unite with drummer Nick Grabigel to forge their unique, infectious style. The trio’s chemistry, energy, and stage presence makes dancing mandatory, rather than optional. Their meld of vintage instruments with modern technology consistently mesmerizes audiences and delivers a huge, hard-hitting sound that will create an unforgettable show.


Performance Summary

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Synthesized EP - August 2021


Inner Dimension - December 2020

Inner Dimension.png

Naturalized EP - August 2021


Black Magic - December 2020

Black Magic.png

Double Barrel - May 2020

Double Barrel_Media.jpg

Big Blitz EP - November 2017


Fan Testimonials

"They are magicians. Pure magic!  Hands down my favorite performance of the weekend." - Eric R.

"People danced, people cheered. The atmosphere stayed in the rafters from start to finish in a fabulously original spectacle." - Mark D.

"I was stunned and amazed. Most shocking set of the weekend. I danced my life out." - Jenni L.

"I love these young men. Wow what a show they put on don't miss the chance to see them.  Best performance of the weekend in my opinion." - Rickie J.

"They killed it, dragged it back, cut it up, lit it on fire, boiled it in water, sewed it back together, brought it back to life then......KILLED it again....The best band nerds gone renegade." - Michael W.

"They were absolutely amazing. Blew my mind and made me sweatttt" - Nathan A.

"Their energy is unstoppable!" - Amanda C.

"100 percent!!!! Best show of the weekend.  They blew it out of the water." - Dannie S.

"They absolutely killed it... I don't know if they were having more fun on stage or we were dancing. A definite fan now." - Satin Danny S.

"The talent is just inexplicable they had me MOVINGG AND GROOOVINNNN" - Lydia C.

"I could not get enough of these guys! I jammed all the way home in the car to them as well. Even showed them to my momma!" - Amanda C.

"They were amazing! I was jamming and smiling the whole set." - Hannah W.

"They were SO AMAZING! Their sound, the way they architected the performance/delivery of their music and in how they played!  It was beautiful and magical." - Alexis M.

Press Photos

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