Big Blitz

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA   

Founded:  2016

Members:  3

Genre: Electronic, Dance, Rock, Nu jazz

Performance Type:  Electric or Acoustic

Label:  Independent

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Innovative.  Talented.  Energetic.  These words are often used to describe the members of the inventive band, Big Blitz.  Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, this group was born from the musical genres of dance, rock, and jazz improvisation. This creative, dynamic trio is comprised of Lucas Ciesielski (tenor and bari sax), Nick Grabigel (drums and guitar) and Mason Ciesielski (tenor sax and modular synthesizer).  Inspired by the sounds of saxophone-and-percussion-based bands known to busk in the subway stations of New York City, Big Blitz’s members write and perform their own original tunes which contain a powerful, electrified and hip sound.  Big Blitz is guaranteed to transform any of your preconceived notions of the music that can be created by a saxophone-and-drum trio. 

Big Blitz has performed at major venues and festivals in the Pittsburgh, PA area and nationally.  Big Blitz has appeared with both internationally and nationally touring acts, including Moon Hooch, Too Many Zooz, Lucky Chops, Tim Reynolds (lead guitarist for Dave Matthews) and TR3,  Bob Lanzetti (founder of Snarky Puppy), Ripe, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds and The Funky Dawgz Brass Band.

Band Members

Lucas Ciesielski:  Tenor & Baritone Sax

Nick Grabigel: Drums & Guitar

Mason Ciesielski:  Tenor Sax & Modular Synth

Big Blitz members include sax brothers Lucas and Mason Ciesielski and drummer Nick Grabigel.   Members met while attending Burrell High School (located just north of Pittsburgh).  The band hopes to inspire others to create original music and show young musicians the opportunities and pure joy that music can provide. 


In November of 2017, Big Blitz released its first, self-titled EP.  Since then, the band has seen its music grow in popularity with both a national and international audience. The Big Blitz EP is available for purchase or streaming on all major digital media websites, including iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and CD Baby.  

Big Blitz will continue to build their discography.  Recording of a full studio album has started with an anticipated release in early 2020.

More videos on our official YouTube page.

Video and Performance

Big Blitz will perform all original instrumental music.  Our music is up tempo and energetic with a dance beat that will surely get people moving.  All ages will enjoy the show!  The band will use our standard configuration that places the drum set center stage.  Saxes are positioned stage left and right with open space in front of drums for sax dueling.  Saxes are “plugged in” to guitar pedals for enhanced effects.  A synthesizer and guitar may also be added to create an immersive musical experience. 

The saxes use a wireless mic system (provided by Big Blitz) that allow the band to move freely and interact with each other and the crowd.  At times, members of the band will play multiple instruments.  The song “2 Sax” was fittingly named as one of our sax performers play both the tenor and baritone sax at the same time (much respect to Rahsaan Roland Kirk)!

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